Ten Most Effective Yoga Poses for Back Pain

yoga for back pain

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Who doesn’t heard about back-pain? This is a very common disease and most of the people suffer from this problem at some point during their lives. But the good thing is that in most cases, this isn’t a serious disease. The most working method to get relief is yoga for back pain. Some easy and simple moves every day can keep rear ache away. Let’s find out the best and quick-working yoga poses for back pain.


cat-cow pose

Let’s start with the Cat-Cow. This move is calming and accessible backbend stretches. It also mobilizes the spine and reliefs you from the rear-body pain real quick. Doing this yoga stretches your torso, neck, and shoulders too.

Extended Triangle:

This classic standing move will protect you from alleviating backache, neck pain, and sciatica and backbone ache. This workout stretches spine, hips and strengthens the chest, shoulders, and legs. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.


Downward Facing Dog:

This is a traditional forward bend workout. This pose is restful and rejuvenating. Doing this pose helps relieve vertebral agony and sciatica. It is also helpful for improving strength.


Sphinx Pose Yoga for back pain:

Now the next move on the list is Sphinx Pose. It’s a gentle backbend pose which strengthens your spine and buttocks. It also stretches the chest, shoulders, and abdomen and keeps the back-pain away. Oh! One more thing, it relieves stress too.



Locust Pose:

Locust Pose is a calming and gentle move which relieves lower-back agony and fatigue. This pose also strengthens the rear torso, arms, and legs.




Cobra Pose:


Cobra Pose. Sounds a little odd right? Don’t worry. This is nothing like its name. This is a gentle backbend which stretches your abdomen, chest, and shoulders. Doing this move strengthens the spine and soothe sciatica. It also helps to relieve fatigue that can accompany back-pain. It’s super easy and fast working.



Bridge Pose:

Bridge-PoseThe bridge is a backbend and inversion move which can be stimulating or restorative. This pose stretches the spine and relieves backaches. It’s also helpful for headaches.






Half Lord of the Fishes:

Half Lord of the Fishes is a twisting motion which is a very working move for rear-body agony. It energizes your spine and helps you to relieve backache. It also stretches the hips, shoulders, and neck. This workout alleviates fatigue and stimulates your internal organs.




Child’s Pose:


Child’s Pose is a forward fold move which is perfect for relax and release tension in the neck and back. This move also stretches your hips, thighs, ankles and removes back pain. This move is also helpful for relieving stress and fatigue.





Two-Knee Spinal Twist:

Two-Knee Spinal is a restorative twist move. It improves movement and mobility in the spine and rear. Just like the others, it stretches the spine, back-body, and shoulders too. Practicing this pose daily relieves pain and stiffness in the back and hips.


So, these are the simplest and quick-working yoga moves to stay away from back pain. But it may not be suitable for everyone. We hope you came to know much about yoga poses for back pain. But make sure to talk with the doctor before starting any new yoga works so that the doctor can help you identify any possible risks.

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