Yoga for beginners- Simple sequences for those who are new to Yoga

Yoga for beginners
Are you new to yoga? Do you want to find your inner Zen and balance through meditation? Well, here are just the right yoga tutorials, sequences and basic poses to help you get started on yoga for beginners. Channel your inner strength; build your mental concentration and self confidence to take your yoga routine to a deeper level.

Benefits of yoga

Many people are shy of yoga simply because they lack the flexibility. That is just a myth- any hamburger loving fellow can take on yoga and help cleanse their body with yoga and all it takes is just a couple of minutes daily for beginners. It helps to calm the mind, detox the body, build muscular strength, reduce stress and improve posture. This is especially useful for all those people out there who go through the daily grind of a demanding nine hour desk job.
The number one rule of yoga is to maintain a steady even breathing. Don’t hold your breath and don’t over exert yourself. If you feel that a pose is particularly difficult for you then stop and reduce the time. Stamina builds gradually and yoga is only useful if you listen to your body and know what your physical limits are.

Popular yoga poses for beginners

Here are some very popular and extremely useful yoga poses that have been slightly modified to help those who have just jumped on the bandwagon that is yoga.

Mountain-pose or “Tadasana”
It is a simple pose that just helps connect the mind with the breathing pattern.

“Balasana” or Child’s Pose
This is just a resting pose that also helps tone down the leg and arm muscles.

“Adho Mukha Svanasana” or Downward-Facing Dog
This pose is a bit difficult for newbies but don’t worry; you can help yourself by widening the space between your feet.

“Utkatasana” or Chair-pose
As the name suggests, this pose helps improve symmetrical balance of the body. It requires a bit of muscular effort and in turn heats up your body. This pose is ideal to strengthen and tone your legs. If you find it difficult to maintain this pose, feel free to snap out of it any time. It is also a good idea to try it on alternating breaths for a more dynamic pose.

Tree Pose or “Vrksasana”
Too much stress at work? Had a rough day at college? Just balance yourself on one leg! This pose helps center the mind and gives an incredible boost to confidence and concentration.

“Shavasana” or relax-yoga-pose
This pose is recommended for meditation. You don’t have to do anything. Yes, doing nothing may seem weird but that’s just it. Many people find doing nothing specially challenging. Their mind and body are always so occupied that they find it hard to just relax and sit down for a while doing nothing. This pose has a very grounding and calming impact.

“Setu Bandha Sarvangasana” or the bridge-pose
This pose energizes the entire front body; chest, abdomen and hips. Each and every muscle in these parts is flexed and relaxed with your alternative breaths.

“Salabhasana” or the locust-pose
This is a back bend that is very easy to do for beginners. It heats up and energizes the back muscles. The upper back muscles get a particularly good work out and this pose improves your overall posture as well.

These poses are a must for all those who want to try yoga for beginners. The trick is to always be persistent and let your body and mind relax and unwind. Even when it looks like you’re doing nothing, your body is getting rid of all the toxins and burning carbs. In a just a few weeks, you’ll see a younger, brighter, calmer and stronger you.

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