Did you know benefits of yoga for kids are countless?

benefits of yoga for kids

It is tough for the kids in today’s life; to cope up with peer pressure, schools with so many subjects to learn, living for a few hours all by themselves since the parents are at work. For most part, childhood is the foundation to what we become when we grow up and therefore, it is essential to have a healthy mind residing in a healthy body right from childhood years. Yoga is one such lifestyle that can harmonize the entire being of the kids. There are countless benefits of yoga for kids but I will begin by discussing just a few apparently visible ones here.

Let’s first understand the meaning of the word “yoga”. It means to unite. While we perform the “asanas” – that’s what the exercises poses are called in yoga, we not only unite two parts of our body but also engage the entire body and mind to create the pose. This means that kids will learn about the synchronization of their body and mind if they start practicing it regularly. The biggest benefit of this is they learn to take control over their bodies with the help of their minds. It also helps in generating respect for their own bodies. All this results in building self-confidence among the kids.

Kids have the tendency to get distracted very easily; practicing yoga will gradually help them to be more focused. With improvement in concentration, the kids can excel in whatever they do – whether it be studies, sports, games etc. This will result in a calm and composed behavior in the long run.

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benefits of yoga for kids

The first and the foremost thing that one learns in Yoga is to breathe in and breathe out in a rhythmic manner. This deep breathing boosts the growth in kids as the oxygen reaches fully through the body parts while we deep breathe and it also relaxes the senses. Yoga brings awareness about their surroundings. They understand the power of breathing and learn about the value of air in our lives. It is like inculcating the value of surrounding environment in the minds of the kids.

Yoga helps in increasing body flexibility of the kids and it will make them active. Obesity is one of the burning problems prevalent in today’s times and practicing yoga on regular basis can eliminate that. Yoga encourages children to live a healthy life. Yoga refreshes the mind and body and hence can also bring out creativity in children. There are numerous benefits of yoga for kids and it is great to see that the modern schools has accepted yoga as a part of the curriculum and we hope more and more kids adopt this healthy lifestyle.

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