Most Effective Poses of Yoga for Weight Loss

Poses of Yoga for Weight Loss

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Poses of yoga for weight loss are not very hard to perform, but benefits are endless. Besides the peace of mind, most of the yoga lovers practice different poses to reduce additional weight. The expert trainers usually advice to hold the posture little longer to make effective for weight loss. And of course, there are few particular postures that are proven best for weight loss. You should try the bellow postures to reduce weight effectively to achieve the perfect shape.



This does not just work for the arms, but in fact, it is the essential strengthening and abdominal flattening exercise. Practicing the Plank periodically help reducing excess body weight permanently. This posture can be tried anywhere like indoor or outdoor.



Start this yoga for weight loss from Standup straight and fold your body forward. Jump back about 5 feet into a push-up position by placing hands on the floor. Place the fingers separately with the mid finger indexing to the front, keep the arms straight and press into the palms.

Fold the tail bone below so the legs, hips, and torso stay on the straight. Press the top of the head forward and press the heels backward. Take breathe and hold it equivalent to 2-4 breaths. To release the breath get to the child position by bending the knees.


Plank position shapes upper and vital body strength extends the backbone and builds up the weak back muscles. It increases the concentration power. Finally, the reduction of body weight is the ultimate benefit of this pose.

Yoga for Weight Loss

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Warrior II method of yoga for weight loss:

Just like a dominating warrior, using this pose you can take control of yourself and tone the Shoulders, thighs, and muscles.



Spread the legs and stand onto a wide position. Hold the body above the ankle by bending the front knee in a 90-degree angle. Extend the back lag and keep straight to the outer edge and with the back foot grip the ground in a 60-degree angle to the inner edge.

The inner thighs rotate from each other, pelvis stuck, and ribcage lifts. Extend the arms both side of the shoulders and make a straight line with the fingers stating out as the shoulder blades squeeze composedly. Sight should be towards the front fingers.

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This pose has a range of benefits. It helps strengthens and relax the legs, ankles, elbows, and neck. It also relaxes and stimulates the abdominal and chest organs. This yoga pose relieves back pain which is also effective in pregnancy period. It creates a bond between body and mind and relieves stress. Finally, it executes a loss of excess weight to provide the ultimate fitness.

Those are the most effective methods of yoga for weight loss. Though there are other methods to try and different yoga trainers have different views. But the above two are the most popular, convenient and easy to practice. Those methods are not for a particle age. So, men and women of all age can try to get the ultimate benefit.

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