What is the Source of Happiness?

Source of Happiness

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One day I asked myself, ‘Am I a happy person?’ I did not find a specific answer. Cause, in my whole life I tried a lot to be happy but I don’t know how much happiness I have got. I think, more or less every one of us has the same answer for the question. So, before finding the “source of happiness”, we should know a little bit about ‘happiness’.


I like to share a simple story of my life. One day I was walking through a market with my 4 years old son. While he noticed a costly remote control car displayed in a shop window and started asking me to buy that for him. As I refused he started crying. Then I cuddled him close and told,” I wish I could buy that for you, but I don’t have much money.


Right now I can buy you a sweet and an ice-cream. And I promise when I have money I will buy that car for you.” He understood and became calm, then I bought him a sweet and an ice-cream. I found him very satisfied and happiness all around his face. As a return of happiness and satisfaction, he hugged and kissed me a couple of times. I like to mention, he was just a kid and whatever he did was very natural.


Now, I like to through three questions:

1. What was the reason my son was crying?
2. What was the reason he became happy and satisfied?
3. What was the source of his happiness?

Though the first question is not our topic I like to discuss a little. As I refused to buy the toy car, my kid felt depression, stress, negativity, anxiety, and worriedness of not getting what he wanted. This is the common psychological and emotional case for all of us. He was a kid, so he cried. But, if a similar scene happens in our life we become unhappy and unsatisfied.


Regarding the second question, my kid was happy and satisfied, even though he did not get what he demanded. Actually, he did not have any complaint about what he got, he understood daddy’s situation, and he possessed a positive view of the future. He wanted to be satisfied with what he got and was optimistic about the future. This is real happiness. To get happiness, in our practical life, we should be satisfied with what we have achieved and what we got. Never should be stressed and complain about what we don’t have.


Now the final one the source of happiness. From my real life story the points or objects made my child happy, are the source of happiness. Me, the sweet & an ice-cream and lastly the hope is the source of his pleasure.

My child did not compare me with other dads who have money. Also, he did not compare him with the other child who has expensive toy cars.

He believed me and trusted me as I made a promise for the future to buy him the toy car. So, he found to be happy with me.

The instant gift the sweet and an ice-cream is the other source of satisfaction. He wanted to be happy with what he got and did not have any complaint.

Dream and hope is the other source of happiness. My kid was optimistic about the promised I made to buy the remote control car. Which created hope inside him for the future and produced the signal to be happy.

Don’t get stressed about what you don’t have. Satisfy with what you got. Don’t complain too much. Always be optimistic and possess realistic hope for the future. I hope you will find the source of happiness.

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