9 Ways of How To Be Happy in Life

How To Be Happy in Life


Is it not everyone wishing to ever to be happy and not on any single day have that frown, sad, depressed and tearful face? However, it is impossible in your life to live without being sad or disappointed in one or more times, but that does not mean you can’t be happy and that is the beauty of life.

In the midst all strive, crisis and grief, we seek ways of how to be happy in life and get the most out of it.

You can learn how to be happy in life by practicing these tips;

· Fill your day with hobby activities; is it not amazing that everyone has a hobby or something that they love doing and when it is taken away, they usually frown and get depressed.

If you have a little brother or sister, you might have noticed when you prevent them from watching that cartoon, gaming or playing with their friends to do their homework, they usually chose close the door to their bedrooms and sleep.

Why do they do this, because they are bored and are no longer happy? However, if you let them do what they love, they will be smiling and joyful all day long. Similarly, we have those things we like doing; do them a lot and you will wipe that sadness off your face.

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· Be around friends and Family members; friends and family have a way of making someone be at peace and feel loved, a prerequisite to a happy life. It is thus necessary to be among people who you can bond with and express yourself without fear of being judged if you need to be happy.

· Avoid negative thoughts and people who look down on you; the major reason why most of us are not happy is that we listen to the negative voice inside of us than the positive one. Therefore, shut down that inner critic voice and take easy on yourself. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses and don’t beat yourself so much that leads to depression.

· Learn to forgive and forget; it is incredibly difficult to live happily when you hold onto grudges. Imagine you were walking down the street and you meet someone who had offended you and didn’t forgive or forget. Seeing the person will only remind you of offense and end up making you sadder. However, if you forgive and forget, your heart will be peace.

· Don’t try to be someone you are not to please others; trying to do things that you don’t like to please people or your peers will only make you less happy. If you are not confident about yourself, you will never be happy as you will not live for yourself, but for others seeking their approval. Your life will be full of worry and anxiety, and how can you be happy when you have that weight on your shoulders?

· Exercise, Rest and Sleep sufficiently; apparently, research has shown that people who exercise regularly are prone to be happy and less stressful. Similarly, those who rest and sleep as required give the body ability to heal, refresh and produce hormones that make them happy. So if you are sad or depressed or feeling low, just take a nap and you might wake up re-energized and feel good.

· Watch that comedy TV show, movie or funny clips; sometimes you need to laugh and a lot. When you watch something that is funny, it will be impossible to be sad or stressed out and that means staying happy.

· Appreciate what you have; most of the time you are grumbling is because you did not get what you thought you deserved and to avoid this you just have to be thankful in every instance. Be thankful, you have legs, hands that beautiful face, figure, house, car, job… and stop wishing if you had a different life than the one you have. How will you get best of what you have if don’t appreciate it?

· Serve others; getting out there and doing something for others makes you feel good about yourself. You might consider volunteering yourself to community cleaning or doing charity to the homeless. Nothing brings more joy to your life than making others happy, is that not incredible?


By following these tips, your life will be transformed; I can’t tell you that you won’t be sad. However, by learning how to be happy in life, you will enjoy it more than you could possibly imagine.

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