5 Healthy Lifestyle Benefits

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits


Healthy lifestyle refers to the state of being in charge of one’s own health by practicing a set of disciplined activities such as exercise, natural healthy food style etc., on a day to day basis. These activities are meant to maintain one’s bodily health, mind health and ultimately a healthy soul. Healthy lifestyle benefits are numerous on the heart, muscles, and other organs etc.

Increased Cardio-vascular Health

A normal cardio vascular system pumps blood at the rate of 5 liters per minute. When one does regular exercise, the heart has to pump more blood to the muscles, and legs. Steady exercise can help in increasing the endurance levels of the cardio vascular system, boosting the heart muscles to expand and contract at a higher rate.

This results in the increased ability of the heart muscles to store more blood and pump more blood. Regular exercise for a longer period of time strengthens the heart muscles and also results in increased size of the heart. Exercise reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and other cardio vascular diseases.

Enhanced Muscle Strength

Exercise involves the continuous and repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Exercise causes tear of the muscular fibers, the natural repair of the muscles happen when they create new micro level muscular fibers, which get rebuilt from the food ingested after the exercise.

This increases the size of the muscle and also the strength. Muscles are also able to store more energy in their cells in the form of glycogen. Strong muscles in turn result in healthier joints and help them recover from damage, swelling and pain etc.

Reduction Of Blood Pressure:

Regular exercise results in the reduction of blood pressure. This helps prevent the likelihood of hypertension and helps the arteries to retain their resilience. Exercise prevents the occurrence of blockage and blood clot. It also lessens the chances of kidney failure.

The chances of getting diabetes also lessen because blood sugar gets regulated by proper secretion of insulin. Healthy artery helps in preventing blood related problems like blood clot, reduction of red blood cells etc. This result in the strengthening of the body nerves also.

Stronger Bone Structure

Bones are structures made of calcium. When the person is young, bones grow faster and slow down when one gets older. This results in the slow degradation of the bone over one’s lifetime. Exercise plays a major role in preventing the damage of the bone and also helps in slowing down the degradation of the bone resulting in healthy old age.

Exercise also increases bone strength and bone density. Exercising the bones specifically activates the tendons and the nerves encapsulating the muscles.

Regulation of Hormones:

There are various hormones present in the body which affect the mood of the individual. Hormones like epinephrine and neo-epinephrine play a vital role in regulating the mood of the individual. When an individual is doing exercise, he can experience euphoria also known as “runner’s high” primarily due to the release of these hormones.

This also plays an important role in increasing the immunity system of the body. The cumulative effects of exercise can be experienced in the way the individual becomes less prone to diseases in his lifetime.


Healthy life style benefits of doing exercise and having a balanced diet helps a person in combating the advent of various diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, results in a healthy heart, prevents joint problems in old age and also adds years to one’s lifetime. It also increases happiness and liberates the spirit of the soul in mysterious ways.

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