Why Love Marriages Fail

Why love marriages fail

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Why do love marriages fail? Behind an unsuccessful wedding life, there could be uncountable reasons, whether it is a love or arrange matrimony. Here we will try to explain the reasons for the failure of the love-marriage. So, first, we like to define “love marriage” before discussing the reason for the breakdown.


What is love-marriage?

The “love-marriage” is a wedding of two persons (man & woman) based upon mutual love, fondness, obligation, and fascination. This term differs from the meaning of arranged and forced matrimony. Though there is a little isolated sense in the western world, where maximum weddings are measured on the basis of pre-love. But, it has an effective sense in South Asia and Middle-Eastern countries where have a solid culture of arranged bridal. So, based on the region and tradition, love-marriages may be popular or not.


Now, let’s move on to the main discussion. All the love-weddings are not unsuccessful. Prelove before nuptial is not prohibited or bad. When a male or female attracted to each other in terms of companion, feelings, passion, and satisfaction. It makes them think that they are in love. After they start getting close to each other. Eventually, sometimes they dawn to physical relation as a consequence.


Here we like to mention a few terms like ‘responsibility’, ‘loyalty’ and ‘sacrifice’. These terms are the unavoidable reality in conjugal life. But, you barely find these terms in love-life before bridal.


The reasons why love marriages fail:

Post-marriage-love life is the sum of emotion, passion, fillings of getting close, get to know each other, fantasy and fun. On the other hand, bridal life has all the terms that we mentioned, in addition, it contained the terms ‘responsibility’, ‘loyalty’ and ‘sacrifice’ by default. The difficulty arrives in love-matrimony life when has to face the responsibility, loyalty, and sacrifice in particle.

love marriages fail

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In the post-nuptial-love life, don’t need to get bound with any particular responsibility. So, after the wedding when a person starts facing different obligations like look after the family, cooking, cleaning, washing, marketing and so on, it creates a psychological and physical pressure on the person. Sometimes, a couple can hold the patient to execute the obligations and otherwise starts reacting with refusing not to comply with the responsibilities. The consequence puts the marriage life in danger eventually ended up with the breakup.


After matrimony, a couple has to live in a strict life. Spend time and go out with friends, relatives and well-wishers become restricted or an end due to reliability. Loyalty is the key element of faith between the couple. Click To Tweet If a person is unable to establish the reliability and concentrate on the love life before the wedding, the conjugal life stars losing importance.


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Sacrifice for each other is another important part of bridal life. Always need to have the mentality to listen and execute what the partner says and demands. Click To Tweet Wedded life cannot go far with stubborn and one-sided nature.

So, the love-matrimony couple who can cope with the above terms and reality will last long forever. On the other hand, a breakup is an obvious consequence. By now, you might understand the major reasons- why love marriages fail.


We believe, where there is a true-love exist between the couple the marriage will last forever regardless of love-marriage or arrange-marriage.

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